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"Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with they way you see them."

Elliot Erwitt



Top of the list, who doesn’t want to enjoy themselves and have fun?

Group Size:


A maximum of eight photographers ensures there is enough time for personal coaching at each shoot.  

One-to-One Instruction:


Barry loves sharing his knowledge.  The photo trips are a way to experience active learning and people really enjoy Barry’s teaching style. Teaching reviews Yukon reviews



We have personally visited every destination before we run a trip.  Each photo trip has been thoughtfully researched to provide a compatible combination of inspiring photo opportunities and creative experiences.



We structure our trips in a way that it may be possible to use your points for air travel, car hire or to self-drive (on one of our trips two of our participants joined us for the whole photo trip in their campervan).  We also encourage carpooling or sharing the cost of a rental vehicle.  Depending on the location and the itinerary, you may have a selection of hotels to choose from.


Safety in Numbers:


Getting up early to shoot a sunrise or standing in the dark after sunset for a night shoot can be daunting if you are alone.  As a small group, you can feel comfortable shooting in remote locations, experiencing new places or having someone on hand to help if you suddenly fall ill. 




We love hosting people whether at home or on the road.  By tailor-making our photo trips, we aim to create an ambience where everyone feels welcome and included.



We understand people have different photography interests.  As we build our portfolio of photo trips, we hope to provide a diverse selection of trip locations, subject matter and workshop content suitable for all tastes and budgets.


Last thoughts…


We hope the info on our website has given you a small insight into who we are.  During our two years of full-time travel, along with all the adventures and amazing things we did and saw, it was the time we spent with people that created lasting memories.  


It is our hope that the photography trips will not only inspire you to make beautiful images but that you will come away with lasting memories too.


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