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The Yukon never fails to impress. It truly is a Canadian gem and in many ways, it embodies everything that is Canadian for me. This photo trip was made up of 8 photographers of varying skill levels. From the start, we had great camaraderie. September is fall in Canada and when we were coming in to land in Whitehorse I could see that the landscape was very yellow and orange, the leaves had begun to change.


Once we were on the ground, the scene was dazzling. It was a beautiful time to be in this landscape. We drove up to Haines Junction and the trees in that area were spectacular, deep yellows, beautiful reds and oranges and some greens. On our first night shoot, we had a wonderful display of the northern lights. We stood on the side of the road until after 1 am just photographing the dancing lights and for everyone, this was a magical moment. Being in the Carcross Desert was another surreal experience, seeing this arid landscape so far north is very unusual.


We were fortunate to have dinner on one of the evenings, with a local sculptor and artist, in his home. This was amazing as he and some fellow artists regaled us with stories of the Yukon and told us about their lives as artists in Whitehorse. All too soon, we had to bid farewell to the "larger than life" Yukon and on our final morning, Whitehorse gave us a magical light show. Overall this was a fantastic photo trip, but don't take my word for it, take a look at what the photographers had to say!




“I would like to offer my thoughts on our recent Yukon-Northern Lights photo tour with Barry and Francis.  The trip was very exciting with lots to see and photograph.  Barry and Francis had pre-planned this trip to the Yukon.  The distances and time frames between photo locations were organised and ran with precision.  This gave us lots of time at locations to think and compose our shots; some with fantastic results.  Barry supplied the knowledge and expertise to help everyone feel at ease and understand the reasons of why & what we were trying to accomplish at all the photo shoot sites.  Francis had everything organised, from stopping for lunch on the road to when it was time to pack up and move to the next location.  If you want to enjoy the outdoors and be motivated to shoot landscapes and have fun, I highly recommend touring with Barry and Francis” ~ Russ and Barbara



“What an amazing "smorgasbord" of experiences you provided us with while guiding us through "God's Paradise", that displayed lavish golden fall colours. We roamed about and connected with Nature at its fullest.  The carefully chosen photo opts at dawn and dusk, when the light is at its best, provided stunningly pleasing images! We even got some glorious shots of the aurora borealis dancing in the midnight sky.  The accommodation was well chosen.  This was a 'soul-filling' journey for me.  Thank you very much for a memorable trip” ~ Satya 



“If you are like me who hesitates to go out on their own or make excuses to go out and take photographs, then this kind of photo tour is for you.  When I learned that Barry is starting to organise photo tours, I got very excited and happy.  I have known Barry J Brady for a few years now and he has helped me dive deep into my passion for photography.  He has been an awesome teacher and an inspiring mentor to me and others.  Going to Yukon with Barry was a great experience.  Yukon is such a beautiful place to photograph and I truly enjoyed every day photographing the vast landscapes and pristine nature of this place.  This photo tour was so well organised and jam-packed with multiple awesome shoot locations every day.  I did not have to worry about my stay, how to get places or where I was going eat etc.  Barry and Francis, took care of everything for us during this trip.  The pre-planning for this trip was simply incredible.  Barry helped every single member on the tour with their camera gear and helped in regards to composition and other camera settings.  I am very happy with all my images from this trip, especially the Aurora Borealis shots.  I am looking forward to his next tour to another amazing place” ~ Bhag



“The Yukon photography trip was a fast-paced, exciting and knowledgeable 5 days. We covered many miles and were rewarded with plenty of amazing photo opportunities. Barry was extremely helpful in explaining which settings would be best for both our early morning and evening shoots. And, Francis was great at keeping us informed and organised from the beginning to the end of this worthwhile adventure” ~ Wendy


Yukon 2016 Gallery Showing 

Vancouver, BC 

November 2016


As it happened, all our photo trippers who went on the Yukon photo trip in 2016 lived in Vancouver.  So we decided to have a little bit of fun.  


Each person chose one or two of their favourite images from the photo trip and had them professionally printed and mounted.  We then rented a venue in downtown Vancouver and held a gallery showing, showcasing the beautiful images they took while on the trip in the Yukon.  


Everyone invited friends and family to come and see their fabulous artwork.  We had a terrific turnout despite the rain that had been pouring all day.


Meeting up with everyone again and seeing their images, reminded me of what a great group we were and what a special place the Yukon is.  We hope that each time they look at their photo in print, it will inspire them to keep up with their photography.  






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Yukon gallery showing
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