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Once again, The Yukon was magnificent. We were there toward the end of September this years due to accommodation constraints, normally we do this phototrip earlier in September. The timing was perfect though. We had amazing fall colours, magnificent scenery and literally 4 seasons weather, from bright sunlight to light snow. This year, we had photographers from Canada and our first US guest from Florida in the USA. We quickly bonded as a group and the time we all had a wonderful time exploring and taking in the magnificent beauty of this special land in Canada. 


Our drive up to Haines Junction was punctuated with glowing oranges and yellows and the odd iridescent green. The light was perfect and we stopped on the way up just to photograph the leaves. We spent two evenings near Kluane National Park and had some wonderful shoots up there. The stars on the first night were so bright, you almost touch the. 


We were fortunate to have dinner on one of the evenings, with a local sculptor and artist, in his home. This was amazing as he and some fellow artists regaled us with stories of the Yukon and told us about their lives as artists in Whitehorse. We had some overcast weather for some of the evenings, but on the last night, we were driving back into Whitehorse from our shoots and the sky opened up and the Northern Lights came out. This was my fourth time seeing the lights and it was the best display I have seen yet. The lights danced and curtained above us for over an hour and some unforgettable images were made and memories of a very special event will be cherished for a lifetime. 


All too soon we were driving back to the airport to return to our homes, but we left with some amazing images of a cherished part of Canada and new friendships. 





Barry and his wife Francis were totally organized and had planned the trip very well – as well as being very nice people.  We would discuss the
I participated in Barry Brady’s Yukon Northern Lights and Landscape Photo Trip at the end of September this year and it was one of the best photo trips I have ever been on.  
days agenda in the morning and then be gone all day – and sometimes well into the night.  Barry was very good at explaining what we were intending to do and made certain to not only help people with questions, but always took the time to come around to each participant to see how they were doing – look at their images and make suggestions.  Francis is the most upbeat “coach” I have ever seen – thank you.  It was quite a small, friendly group but all were totally interested in trying to get the best images and Barry was there to make sure that everyone did.  I would definitely recommend this trip and look forward to participating in others in the following years. - Carol


I’m still ‘flying high’ from our great trip to the Yukon, led by Barry and Francis Brady. From the get-go it was obvious that everything was perfectly organized with packing lists and agendas provided early on. Every detail was looked after throughout the trip. Although it was a very busy schedule, Francis kept checking in with the group to ensure the pace suited everyone.  The trip showcased the best of the Yukon with multiple, varied locations thoughtfully-chosen. Barry is a generous and knowledgeable teacher who was able to provide guidance at different levels. The Autumn timing of the trip was perfect with bright yellowing Aspens sprinkled between evergreens wherever we went. Our group encountered every kind of weather and we were delighted that the Northern Lights finally showed up on our last evening.  The Lodge turned out to be a wonderful gem – small, rustic and serving excellent food. A dinner in the home of a local artist added to the warmth, intimacy and fun of the whole experience.  Altogether this was a magical experience. Thank you Barry and Francis. - Judi


I loved this trip.  I have wanted to see and photograph the Northern Lights for a long time, and the totally dark skies allowed me to see the Milky Way again for the first time in decades.  Francis kept us all in line and informed, and Barry was always available to provide expertise and encouragement.  Traveling as a photo group is wonderful as no one is upset if you need a couple more minutes to get a good shot.  The locations chosen were great, places I never could have found on my own. - Bill



“ The Yukon Northern Lights  trip was amazing and beyond my expectations. I am more a city person than an outdoor adventurer and I was a little bit worried. Francis and Barry wonderfully organized the tour and made sure that everything went smoothly and everybody enjoyed it. The trip was so well planned that we had plenty of time to work on our photo composition between locations.  The landscape is breathtaking and offers so many opportunities for photographers.  We were fortunate to see the Northern Lights (first time for me) and it was a magical moment I will never forget. The night shooting was very exciting. I don’t even remember the last time I saw so many stars in the sky and the Milky Way so clearly. Yukon is a gorgeous territory that is worth the trip. Barry, with a lot of patience, took the time to teach and help everyone. If my photos turned out well it is thanks to him. In 4 days I learnt more than in 3 months. Barry is, indeed, an awesome teacher. It was a great experience and wouldn’t mind to do it again. My only regret is to have not seen any wildlife but who wants to be face-to-face with a grizzly! I will recommend this tour to anyone. I look forward to another tour with you . Thank you so much.”

Have a nice weekend - Laurence


Early to rise and late to bed….five jam packed days photographing the Yukon’s diverse landscape with its golden fall colours.  With our range of experience and equipment, Barry spent time giving helpful suggestions individually. Special touches by Francis and Barry were evident from carefully chosen photography sites, a special dinner at a local artist’s home and even arranged for the Northern Lights to come out in full force on our last night…. Francis is a wonderful “cheer leader” and organizer ensuring we were “on time” for the various venues.  It was an amazing experience. - Marti 


I had the immense pleasure of participating in Barry J Brady's trip to the Yukon this past fall. Simply describing it as a trip does not do it justice, as it is in fact an "experience" and an amazing one at that. Barry and his wife have taken a considerable amount of time and effort in organizing this wonderful experience, so that as a photographer, you maximize your time in the field at various locations. As a guide, host and instructor, Barry was able to help me realize many of my photographic goals and his advice was indispensable. I came home with a renewed sense of confidence in my photographic skills and I met a wonderful bunch of talented people who were also participants in the trip. I would highly recommend this adventure to anyone looking to improve their skillset, meet some interesting people along the way, and enjoy one of Canada's true gems... the Yukon Territory. - Colin


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