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Winters are not foreboding in the Yukon, they are magical. It is during the Winter that the Yukon comes alive. Yes, it is cold, but the rugged beauty and magnificent beauty of the Yukon is showcased in Winter. During the shortchanged t daylight hours, we will be photographing amazing and unique scenes and capturing magnificent sunrises and sunsets. In the evening, we will be looking up and photographing the incredible Northern Lights from specially selected vantage points. We have other adventures planned too, which will include dog sledding and snowshoeing in the pristine wilderness that is the Yukon!

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Disclaimer: As most of our photo trips take place outdoors in nature, we are at the behest of the elements.  While we can’t guarantee you the ideal weather conditions for our trips, we will certainly make every effort to provide you with a memorable and worthwhile experience.  Regardless of the weather, you will be immersed in photography, learning to make beautiful images and using your camera gear in all situations.  And the bonus is you get to travel to new places, meet other photographers and improve your photography skills.  

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